The Knotty Owl is a collection of jewelry primarily inspired by objects, textures, and processes of nature. Everything from the texture of the bark on a tree to the waxing and waning of the moon. The growth of new life from the soil, to a creature's remains left to decay in the underbrush. We strive to capture the beauty and complexity of the naturally occurring, turning it into accessible, wearable objects.


About Me

Ashley Landon, the artist behind The Knotty Owl, has a background in jewelry design and fabrication starting in 2004. Initially starting out working with metal and mixed media, Ashley transitioned into woodworking while attending college, which was reflected in her jewelry designs.

By 2011 she had transitioned fully into wooden jewelry, when she relocated to Rochester, NY and founded her second jewelry business, The Knotty Owl.While she continued to pursue jewelry design on the side, her concentration was in furniture and product design for most of her time in college. Collecting small wooden scraps from furniture projects, she began incorporating wood into her jewelry designs, selling her work around New York City and on Etsy. 

In 2014, Ashley began to transition back into metalsmithing, which now accounts for most of The Knotty Owl's collection. In 2016 we look forward to creating more work incorporating both metal and wood.

Ashley holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.


Materials and Quality

Every piece of Knotty Owl jewelry is handcrafted using silver and other precious metals, often incorporating different kinds of wood, gemstones, and occasionally other materials. All of our metal is sourced from a sustainably-minded USA-based company.


Our Process

We use traditional fabrication techniques such as sawing and soldering to create each of our one of a kind pieces by hand. 

Many of our pieces have components which have been cast in solid metal using the lost-wax casting technique. We work with a local casting company who takes our original wax carvings or metal creations and makes molds of them, which enables them to create multiple wax copies of our original designs and then cast them in sterling silver or bronze. Once cast, the pieces are clipped from their casting tree and returned to us in their rough form to finish by hand.


See what we're working on in real time on Instagram at @theknottyowl