Jewelry Care


Caring for your Knotty Owl Jewelry


Each piece of jewelry from The Knotty Owl is finished with a wax coating instead of a spray-on sealant, as these inevitably deteriorate, leaving an unsightly finish on jewelry.

While your jewelry will eventually oxidize with wear, we understand that this antiquated look is not for everybody, and it is quite easy to keep it polished to your liking. To help prevent and greatly reduce tarnishing, we recommend storing your jewelry in small airtight bags or containers between wear, as air is the greatest cause of oxidation.

Never wear your jewelry in the shower or while swimming, and remove rings before washing your hands, as exposure to excessive humidity and water will increase the rate of tarnish. To prevent accidental breakage and for your safety, we suggest removing your jewelry before bed or any activities that put you at risk of catching or pulling your jewelry.

To polish away oxidization, gently rub the included polishing pad against the surface of the jewelry until polished. Be extra careful when polishing chains to prevent accidental breakage. Polishing pads may continue to be used long after they turn dark, and new ones are widely available at most jewelry stores.

To remove heavy amounts of tarnish, we recommend making a paste of baking sode and lemon juice, and rubbing it against the piece with a soft-bristled toothbrush or cloth to remove tarnish. Rinse with water and dry immediately. It’s important to avoid brushing over stones or other non-metallic areas!
Never use chemical or liquid cleaners on your jewelry.

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